Building Permit

by benGablesavories

Had an impromptu visit yesterday from our great friends Susan and Drew. They had spent the day "school shopping" for Drew in Poughkeepsie and took a northern detour on their way back to Brooklyn. I had been missing all things Brooklyn, and they were "a sight for sore eyes"... I think I know what expression that means, but still sounds like it hurts! So, happy to talk Brooklynese again. Been looking for expats up here, don't want to loose the language. Caught up on the neighborhood... divorce, Parkinson's and J.Crew coming to Court Street and Apple Store to Ft. Greene! Bitter/Sweet. 

Bill was here today. We now have a building permit. Yippee!  

Oh and P.S. Drew cowed me into posting more. This is for you Drew!